Registration is now open! This year we can have 3,000 participants! There are three ways to register for Survive Norfolk. Pre-registering for Survive Norfolk will guarantee you an armband to play in this year’s game.

1. Register online via credit card. Register here!  $10 + credit card processing fees unless otherwise announced.

2. Come to a Survive Norfolk fundraiser. Check our calendar of events! $10 cash unless otherwise announced.

3. Take your chances on getting a free armband the day of the event. Only those who pre-register online or in person are guaranteed a place in the game.

Some of the fundraisers will have discounts on armbands and offer discount codes for on-line registration. Be sure to check out our Facebook event page and come to the fundraisers for these kinds of announcements!

We want Survive Norfolk to be as accessible as possible, hence our calendar of events and chances to get discounted and free armbands. But please remember, in order for Survive Norfolk to happen it does cost real money. BUT the proceeds go to our designated charities! Support some great causes and have an awesome time doing it!

We can’t wait to see you on October 29, 2011!