Zombies are multiplying, with two chances for ghoulish tag

“Run as fast as you can from all the undead people this weekend. Two elaborate tag games – one in Ghent, the other at Norfolk Botanical Garden – boast a zombie theme.”

Photo by Ross Taylor wants to know “How will you Survive Norfolk this weekend?”

Zombies take a second round in Norfolk

“Wednesday, the zombies rode the HRT light rail to promote the arts in Norfolk and to raise awareness about their Survive Norfolk.  If they pass 2,000 participants, they might just set a Guinness World Record for the largest group playing tag simultaneously.”

To read more and see video evidence of zombies riding the Tide, go to!

Survive Norfolk’s Zombie-in-chief ready to run again

Visit for the full article!

Plan B Improv would like to wish everyone a Happy Halloween!

We’re Baaaaaack…… Survive Norfolk II

“On October 23, 2010, I breathed a sigh of relief.

It was a good kind of “whew, it’s all over now, I can resume my normal life again” sigh of relief because planning the whirlwind known as Survive Norfolk left me kinda sleep deprived (and I very much value a good night’s sleep). So the first thing I did was catch up on some must needed rest. A few days later when I had de-compressed, the magnitude of what had happened in Ghent on October 22 really hit me. Hard. And it was an awesome feeling of pride and accomplishment that’s stayed with me all year.”

To read more, go to

Postcard from NFK: The Last Volunteer Meeting Before Survive Norfolk II

We held a Survive Norfolk volunteer meeting at The Boot on Monday 10/24. Thank you to The Boot for opening their doors on their night off so we could have a quiet place to meet and to those who were able to come! If you still want to volunteer, please email!

oh HEY, we’re on twitter y’all!

Enthusiasm and support from the fans and participants:

By Zack Ketz

By ShutterBooth Hampton Roads


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