If you would like to volunteer, please email us at with the subject line “Volunteer”

Agents and Monitors must be 18+ and will have to sign a waiver in order to participate as a volunteer. All volunteers are expected to show up to the starting point by 5pm the day of Survive Norfolk (10/29).


You’re kinda like the lone survivor who barricaded themselves in the gun store when the apocalypse hit… survivors and Zombies alike are trying to find you. Some want what you possess while others just want you for your brains (and we’re not figuratively speaking of the sexy intelligent kind).

This is for people who want to participate but don’t want to run around or get tagged by people.

Your job in this game is to monitor a checkpoint, mark Humans checking-in to that checkpoint, and make sure people are playing fairly and safely around that checkpoint. You will be stationary at your assigned checkpoint throughout the game.


Like the government in a time of panic, you try to keep the masses calm. Sometime it works, sometimes it doesn’t. It is your mission to maintain order in the chaos.

Your role in the game is to keep an eye on things- be able to address people who have questions, get lost, or get hurt as well as make sure checkpoints and safe zones aren’t tampered with, make sure no one’s cheating, etc. Your presence will help make sure game play is flowing smoothly and everyone is having fun.

You will be able to move around throughout the playing area throughout the game.