We get asked a lot of questions. We hope this page clears up any general inquiries, confusion, misconceptions, etc.

Still don’t have the answer to your burning question? You can email us at urbanplayground757@gmail.com

1. Survive Norfolk costs money to participate in?! WTF?!

  • There are 3 ways to register to play. You can read about those options on our registration page. Basically, because there is a limited number of participants, if you want to guarantee a place in the game you pre-register. This is what some experts might call an “incentive.” Or you can take your chances on getting a free armband the day of the event on a first come, first serve basis. Pre-registering helps cover the costs to ensure Survive Norfolk can happen. And because we want to benefit local non-profits, pre-registering also donates to the cause.

2. What about those discounts on armbands?

  • Our goal is to make Survive Norfolk as accessible as possible to the community, so we don’t want people to have to break the bank in order to participate. That’s why we offer discounts on armbands for those that come to Survive Norfolk fundraisers. There’s a lot of ‘em going on, so check out our calendar of events.
  • Not only do you get discounts on armbands, but you help support the local economy by supporting local businesses. We also know that not everyone playing lives in the area or has the opportunity to come to a fundraiser. That’s why, every now and then, we have online discounts good for 24 hours. You have to check out the event page on Facebook for announcements and discount codes.
  • We also want people to be able to participate for free. The # of free armbands available will depend on the # of armbands that were pre-registered, but we will guarantee at least 200 will be available on a first come, first serve basis the day of the event. There may be more, but there is no guarantee.
  • We feel these are all ways to ensure funding, but most importantly make Survive Norfolk accessible without losing the focus on supporting our local community.

3. Okay, so if you break it all down, where does MY money go?

  • You work hard for the money, so by donating it you have a right to know where it goes. First, all the proceeds from Survive Norfolk go to our designated charities! You can get that warm, fuzzy feeling that comes when you help support your local community.
  • Second, Survive Norfolk costs money to organize. Like, a lot of money. And that amount increases exponentially when more people are allowed to participate. We have to pay for insurance, permits, road closures, security, emergency medical services, equipment, and supplies. There’s a lot that goes into planning an event like this! Pre-registering helps cover the costs to ensure Survive Norfolk can happen. And because we want to benefit local non-profits, pre-registering also helps donate to the cause.
  • We thank you from the bottom of our zombie-loving hearts for donating to Survive Norfolk.  We’re doing this for you and hope you have a great time!

4. Why do I have to sign a waiver?

  • Because telling people that they are responsible for themselves is not a legally binding exculpatory agreement. No one particularly feels like getting sued because you decided to jump over a bush and broke your leg or because you ran into the street and got hit by a car. A waiver must be signed by a legally consenting adult who can provide proof of age.
  • FYI, the government says a legal adult is any individual 18 years or older in age. So in order to sign a waiver you must be 18+ and provide proof of your age.
  • A waiver generally states that a participant waives or releases any future negligence claim he or she may have against the provider of a sport or recreational services in exchange for an opportunity to participate. The Survive Norfolk waiver will be available to download a few days prior to the event. And of course, extra forms will be available at the event.
  • Last year’s event was highly successful in that there were no serious injuries. We’d like to continue that streak so don’t want to see anyone get hurt. Remember, if you get hurt in the game, you get hurt in real life. So use your head and don’t do anything that’s going to injure you and/or another participant.

5. I’m under 18 but I wanna play! Why can’t my parents/legal guardian sign my waiver?

  • We got asked this a LOT last year and the answer is still the same. The game is 18+ only and only legal adults can sign a waiver. Why? Because of the nature of the event and it taking place on public property at night, the city requires a permit AND insurance. Survive Norfolk cannot get insurance unless it is 18+ because of huge liability concerns. The permit cannot be obtained without insurance. See how this cycle works? These aren’t bad things to have to have. If anything, it ensures the safety of everyone and gives us the city’s blessing to run around dressed up like zombies. Also, no adult wants to have to worry about or take the responsibility for the safety of minors that aren’t theirs.
  • This is a very fast paced game that adults should be able to enjoy  without fear of injuring a kid or a kid hurting themselves. Therefore, it is in everyone’s best interest and safety that the game strictly remains an activity for adult participants.
  • We understand the disappointment. Survive Norfolk is a TON of fun! But you know what you can do? You can come out and watch Survive Norfolk from the starting/end point, at a private residence, or at a Ghent establishment. Believe us when we say it’s a thoroughly entertaining spectator sport. Plus, you’ll have the chance to dance the night away, before curfew, at the area’s first silent disco (that’s totally open for all ages)!


  • Oh, those annoying first world problems! Yes, we know, life isn’t always fair. But, congratulations, you’ve now given us the kind of reaction that validates why Survive Norfolk is only 18+. If you cannot reasonably understand the liability, legal, and safety issues that concern letting minors play, you have given the organizers reason enough to believe that you lack the maturity to be able to control yourself in the game setting and will not only be a danger to yourself but also to those around you. No one wants to deal with that.
  • If you are a parent/legal guardian and are upset your child/ward cannot play, please consider the child’s safety and the safety risk their presence would impose on older participants. Some other food for thought: do you really want an adult running after your child, at night, trying to touch them with two hands? Bring ‘em down to Ghent that night, let them watch, and give them something to look forward to in a few years.

7. Can I bring my zombie TCB equipment?

  • If you’re referring to melee weapons, real or fake, then that’s a resounding NO. It’s one thing to decorate a costume, it’s quite another to run around a neighborhood with your replica toy weapons (even if it looks really freaking cool).
  • Keep in mind that a lot of people live in and visit Ghent and that not everyone is going to know what’s going on that night. We don’t want to scare anyone and draw negative attention to the game.  So if you’re going to play, keep the weaponry at home.
  • If a game monitor catches you armed to the teeth, you’ll be kicked out of the game.

8. Where in the world am I going to park that night??

  • There is street parking and several public parking lots in Ghent. Just be sure you do not park anywhere illegally, park in/block someone else’s driveway, or park in a lot that’s only available to patrons of nearby shops/restaurants.
  • Participants will be allowed to park in the Maury High School student parking lot, Ghent Elementary lot, and Blair Middle School lot. DO NOT PARK IN THE MAURY HS FACULTY LOT.
  • There are several public parking garages in Downtown Norfolk. And now that the light rail is running, you can Ride the Tide to the EVMC/Ft. Norfolk Station on Brambleton Ave and either catch a NET bus or take a short walk into Ghent.
  • Click here for a pdf of the HRT transportation map for Ghent, including light rail and NET bus.
  • Plan ahead and get to Ghent early. Have dinner at one of several Ghent restaurants and relax before the game begins. You don’t want to be stuck trying to find a parking spot at the last minute.

9. What if it rains?

  • The apocalypse waits for no one. Survive Norfolk is rain or shine.