Urban Playground is pleased to announce the following recipients of this year’s Survive Norfolk. Each of these organizations are unique and important to Norfolk and the Hampton Roads area, so please take some time to learn a bit about them!

The d’Art Center

“The d’ART CENTER is a unique attraction that expands the cultural experience in Hampton Roads. It’s appeal crosses socio-economic lines and bridges the gap between the artist and the art, making the creative process and the visual arts come alive and accessible. ” 2011 marks the d’Art Center’s 25th anniversary as the definitive Downtown Norfolk visual arts center.

The Hermitage Museum and Gardens

“The Hermitage Museum and Gardens consists of an early 20th century historic house museum with a world-wide art collection and contemporary exhibition galleries, surrounded by twelve acres of formal gardens and natural woodlands; educational wetlands; a Visual Arts School; and a Studio Artists Program. The Sloanes, the original homeowners, established the Hermitage Foundation, a non-stock, non-profit corporation, in 1937, as a museum to encourage development of Arts and Crafts and to promote the arts within the community. Today, the Hermitage actively supports arts and culture, maintaining and operating the house and grounds as a museum open to the public.”

The Hope House Foundation

“Since 1964, Hope House Foundation has worked on the frontlines of the battle for independence, community inclusion, and true citizenship for people with developmental disabilities in Hampton Roads. We believe that the people we support have the right to participate in community life to the fullest extent possible, and to control their own destinies. Even today, we are the only organization in Virginia that supports adults with developmental disabilities exclusively in their own homes.”

Lee’s Friends

“Lee’s Friends is a support program for cancer patients and their families located in South Hampton Roads Virginia. Our primary mission is to offer person to person help and needed emotional and practical support to cancer patients and their families who are facing the crisis of diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Lee’s Friends provides trained, caring volunteers to help in such times of trouble. A sympathetic listener, a place to turn for advice, a moment of cheer and supportiveness, a friendly face and a caring attitude can do much to tell patients and their families “You are not alone!” Volunteer drivers, who often use their own cars, provide patients with needed transportation to/from appointments. In cases of documented hardship, Lee’s Friends provides a one-time financial grant to a needy family or individual. All of our services are free!”

Proceeds from Survive Norfolk will be evenly split between these worthy organizations.